What is Future Cities Edition 1

A sustainable conference exploring the challenges cities face on the road to resilience.
Future Cities is hosted by Talking Earth and The Bohemian House.

The Conference will Focus on 4 Themes

Pollution & Waste



Urban Development

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Preparing the next generation of problem solvers

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Design Thinking by Think Factory
Learn Design Thinking with Think Factory
1800/head (8 hrs)
Think Factory takes you through the cognitive, strategic and practical processes of problem solving for the real world.
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Upcycling Embroidery by Maitri Ravishankar
Upcycle your old clothes using hand embroidery
Bring your old clothes back to life through embroidery. Learn to upcycle and reduce waste.
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Terrarium Making with Jananee
Learn about micro climates through Terrarium making
In this workshop, you'll learn to make terrariums using a mix of succulents, indoor plant and moss
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Dreamcatchers from Waste with Rainbow Chronicles
Upcycle waste into beautiful dreamcatchers
Capture the good vibes with a dreamcatcher making workshop and equip yourself with this delicate and beautiful art form, while upcycling your waste
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Trash Talk and Zero Waste : DIY Facemask and Toothpaste
Decode zero waste lifestyle through making face masks and toothpaste!
We will decode zero waste and bust myths you might have about this lifestyle being restrictive, costly and difficult while making face masks and peppermint party toothpaste!
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Sustainability in Marketing
Change the way you communicate to change the world
Free to Attend
Change the way you communicate to change the world
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Panel Discussions

Panel Line-up

Naresh Narasimhan
Urbanist, and Chairman, VA Group
Meenakshi Bharath
President, Lok Satta (Bangalore)
Malini Parmar
Co Founder, Stonesoup
Mathew Jose
Founder, Paperman
Kavitha Reddy
AICC Member, KPCC Spokesperson, Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Awardee 2017
Pavan Srinath
Faculty at The Takshashila Institution
Rajeev Malagi
Senior Associate - Urban Development And Accessibility, WRI
Priya Chetty Rajagopal
Co founder, Heritage Beku
Ravichandar Venkataraman
Chairman, Feedback Consulting
Divya Narayanan
Campaigns Manager, Jhatkaa
Madhuri Subbarao
Co founder, Friends of Lakes
Sathya Prakash Varanashi
Convenor at INTACH
Anup Naik
Director at Space Matrix and UrbanFrame Pvt Ltd
Vivek Jain
Founder, Flippar
Nupur Jain
Trustee, PNLIT
Sowmya Reddy
Deepanjali Naik
Associate, Voice of Sarjapura
Hariti Chadda
Public Policy Consultant, Uber
Jaideep Singh
Co Founder, Ambee
Sridevi Changali
Co founder, Masons Ink Studio

Speaker Sessions

Speaker Line-up

Mathew Jose
Founder, Paperman
Vivekanada Hellekere
CEO, Bounce
Vishwanath S
Director, Biome
Rachita Misra
Program manager , SELCO
Girish B Puttanna
Activist, Rally for lakes
Jaideep Singh
CO founder, Ambee
RJ Raaj
Founder, Xperience Bengaluru
Kiran Natarajan
IT professional and Heritage Columnist, Cofounder fb/BygoneBangalore

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