version 1.5.0

Add Polls, Pictures and Permalinks


Fixed link previews!

Auto delete inactive threads

Add progress bar when logging in

We will be on maintenance mode for now (:

version 1.4.0

Add upvotes and reacts


Add thread/post sorting too

Show number of replies

Commenting should be slightly faster xD

version 1.3.2

Revamp user verification flow - automatically generate random secret code and enforce user memorize secret code and password

version 1.3.1

Add privacy mode - toggle the “(me)” identifier

Add “(me)” identifier to thread list

version 1.3.0

Add release notes (this page)

Improved loading speed! Prefetch links

version 1.2.0

Sort comments newest first

Reduce battery use DisplayId now calculated cheaply

Fixed access token security bug

Fixed lark preview not working

Show proper error when trying to view other groups

version 1.1.0

Added progress bar when submitting content

Added flashing box skeleton while post is loading

Your own thread displayId is now highlighted

version 1.0.0

Alpha version for internal use only!

Where it all begins