Charcoal Drawing Workshop

Charcoal Drawing Workshop led by Gazal Roongata

Charcoal. This beautiful natural element is often given a bad rep in the art world for its powdery feel, the black fingertips you are greeted with at the end of your sketch and the lack of colours. But what our host, Gazal, feels is the zen feeling you get whilst drawing – it’s the feeling you feel when you are indulging in history and are back to basics! Learn to use charcoal as a therapeutic medium and choose an find the beauty and emotion in the black and white.


Here are a few things that you will learn:

1. Why does charcoal differ from regular pencil sketching.

2. Types of charcoal and materials needed.

4. Shading and sketching to get hyper-realistic effects.

5. Various techniques like strokes, BLENDING, erasing, etc.

6. Manipulating charcoal to get desired effects and textures.

7. Figure out techniques and tricks like negative sketching, circles, denting, etc.


During the workshop, you will be able to choose from 2 designs chosen to test the techniques you learned. Remember, all the materials will be provided. Also, techniques learned in this workshop can be applied for many dry media (soft pastels, oil pastels, chalk, and more)!

Gazal is a self-taught charcoal artist, who started drawing in the 3rd or 4th grade. Her love for portraiture, on the other hand, was wholly inspired by the Harry Potter series. She used portraiture sketches to channel her excitement and it has been a decade and still she finds herself drawn towards celebrity sketches. Taking it as a challenge -to get it as realistic as precise as possible.


Start: 07/12/2019 From: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Charcoal Drawing Workshop #1

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