Acrylic Painting Workshop

Acrylic Painting Workshop tutored by Sheena Anam

Wooden slab painting for a brighter home. It’s both, heat and water resistant.

The acrylic medium is highly versatile. Unlike the slurs of watercolor and the infinite wait-time of oil paintings, acrylics let you make it – your own. This vivid medium works with a heavy body or as a thin layer – you could see how you feel and work with through your moods on the canvas. Discover a new world in the midst of colours.

During the event, we shall start with introductions then take time to loosen up for the session. You will take some time to be mindful – write down your thoughts to realise how you are feeling in the moment. Next, enjoy a short session where you get to dip your hands in paint and paint anything – shake it up! Onwards, you will begin working on a workbook which will teach you things like, how to use the medium, how to use your basic materials, how to maintain consistency, various drawing and painting techniques. Next, you will watch a demo painting session where your tutor, Sheena, will work on a wooden coaster and invite you to join. You can follow some sample designs that will be provided or you could come up with your own design. Lastly and the most exciting part is that you can take home an easel or a fridge magnet to display your work or keep it as a coaster. While this whole process definitely caters to a newbie, professionals can definitely learn a thing or two about painting on a wooden surface. Also remember, all the materials will be provided!

Sheena Anam, your tutor, is a self-taught artist who has been painting for about 10-12 years. A hobby that started off with sketches in a sketchbook progressed to a passionate leap into the freelancing artist world.


Start: 08/12/2019 From: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Acrylic Painting Workshop #1

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