Dance Crash Courses by Gagan Somaiah

Do you feel the end of the year creeping in? Or are you just now recalling that your ‘learn something new this year’ goal is still sitting unticked on your bucket-list? We are here to help you start your new year guilt-free with these exciting crash courses!

This course will be an exciting experience for both beginners and professionals alike. The main motive will be to introduce you to the various dance styles and their complementary music. Dip your feet into the water and see which style you prefer to pursue or challenge yourself to grasp 2 or 3 styles and interlace them with your own personality. Learn, grow and foster a sense of community throughout the 3 weeks.

This December : 3 STYLES, 3 DAYS/week, 3 WEEKS,

DAYS : Monday – Wednesday – Friday.

Timings : 7.00pm – 8.30pm.

WEEK 1 : Dance Style – Hip-Hop.

WEEK 2 : Dance Style – House.

WEEK 3 : Dance Style – Locking.

Choose between:

3000/- for 3 styles.

2300/- for 2 styles.

1500/- for 1 style.

Gagan has worked with dance schools as a tutor and lifestyle brands for ad films. Some of them include Hip-Hop India Dance Company, Mamangam, Myntra, Ajio, and Fastrack. He currently works at Inspiron, a counselling and well-being center, where he uses dance to support individuals intellectually, emotionally, and physically.



Dance Crash Courses by Gagan Somaiah #1