Yoga Classes with Arunima Sharma

Ashtanga Yoga Classes by Arunima Sharma

The word  ‘yoga’ means union and it lives up to it – when your body, mind and soul come together.These regular classes is a wonderful starter kit to begin your journey to a healthier self and to gain an increased awareness from an experienced practitioner.

Arunima, your tutor will help you focus on alleviating any health issues, increasing your metabolism, and improving digestion. You will also be noticing increased overall strength and a better sense of movement and flexibility. Start your mornings with an hour long class of knowledge, fitness and fun!

Arunima Sharma has been certified by the Yoga Alliance USA as an ashtanga yoga practitioner with a specialty in therapy yoga. All the way from Dehradun, she ran her own studio and taught ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow, power yoga and meditation. Her deeper purpose is to be able to heal with her practice and even has a speciality in therapy yoga.


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