Gone are the days when our feet were muddy from playing hopscotch and our laughter filled the air as one of the fellow mate’s ended up destroying the Jenga tower, but memes are often the reason for our laughter in this day and age. Games have lost its interactive fun as now it’s played using a screen and a pair of headphones.

Taking time off to become disconnected from our gadgets and busy lives is one of the most important things that we don’t do anymore. Quality time and connecting to our environment is something we don’t do anymore and something as simple as taking a step towards our childhood and playing a game of cards or snakes and ladders or a fun-filled game of Hungry Hippo’s with your friends and family, it creates a huge difference. A session to bond and create real and not reel memories in your relationships.

Here’s a sneak peek at the ripples of fun that rolled through The Bohemian House for our game night hosted by That Extra Step.

Author Neha Mahesh

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