Community Guidelines

Noise Policy

Some noise is inevitable when we all work together. But we expect everyone to be mindful and considerate of those around them. For that reason, we actively encourage you to practice the following:


  1. Put your phone on vibrate/silent mode, or reduce your ring volume so it doesn’t startle people around you. This includes chat and app notifications
  2. Take your calls outside the co-working space. You’re welcome to use the cafe or backyard when there are no events scheduled. The property itself has long walkways that will help you work those thigh muscles while you scream at your vendors and in-laws
  3. Use your headphones when playing loud media on your phone or laptop. Not everyone enjoys loud cat videos
  4. Talk softly, like you would in a library
  5. Take your meetings outside, whether it’s your teammates or your Tinder dates
  6. Avoid dragging your chair around, banging the doors or slurping your ice-tea
  7. Running your nails down a blackboard. Never do this even if you’re alone at home - it’s cruel

In short, be mindful of the noise you or your colleagues generate, and take a call to respect the people around you and the space.

Clean Up After Yourself

While we don’t stop people from eating in the space, do consider the following:


  1. Avoid eating particularly pungent food. The smell can linger on for hours. Not everyone enjoys the smell of burnt garlic and onions
  2. Dispose of leftover food in the closed bins, to avoid stinking up the place
  3. Clear any disposable cups, leftover food, plates, cutlery, etc. from your table before you leave. Since the seats are flexible, expect someone to sit in that seat after you’re done and keep it clean - the way you’d like to see it when you come in the morning, with no trace of the previous person’s presence
  4. If you’ve got a lot of stuff, please don’t keep them in the hallways, reception, or public areas for longer than a few minutes. The staff are instructed to remove any and all obstructions from the space that don’t belong there, periodically. If you lose something, we won’t be responsible
  5. There are lockers available on request on a “first come, first serve basis”, you may request one at reception. One key will be given to you and one will be kept at reception. We are not responsible for the safety of the articles inside, or those that you may leave lying around in the space. You may use the locker to keep any belongings that you don’t want to carry around that aren’t of any significant value, such as your self-esteem

Be Considerate of the Areas and Events around you

  1. Be considerate of the area that you’re in. For example, if you’re in the cafe, avoid occupying more tables than necessary, so that regular cafe goers are not impacted
  2. Respect the privacy of other member’s meetings, parties and workshops. Peeking into another event is positively creepy
  3. Avoid entering spaces designated for only Staff, such as Cafe counters, TBH Admin offices, etc.

Using Your Community Credits

Our Prime Membership and Traveller Passes come with Community Credits that you can exchange for time in The Rentable Spaces of The Bohemian House Property.

Space Credit Cost
Dance Studio 1/hour
Artisan 1 1/Hour
Artisan 2 1/Hour
Backyard 2/Hour
Gallery 2 3/Hour


In addition to holding meetings and conferences, you can also use your credits to conduct ticketed workshops and events, at no additional cost.

Spaces are subject to availability and are not be redeemable on Weekends (Saturday/Sunday).