About us

We built a space for the creators, the builders, the seekers and the lovers.

The Bohemian House (TBH) is a labour of love, built from the ground up to cater to a community of creators. In 2017, Shalini Prasad and her mother Shashi Prasad came together to flesh out the first blueprints of what is now TBH. Based in Bangalore in the Central Business District, near Richmond Circle, TBH is housed inside the old Woodland's Hotel (Woody's). The physical structure is over 70 years old, and styled like an old Mysore Bungalow.

At TBH, you'll find a thoughtfully designed creative co-working space, with space for an intimate community of 65. The space also houses a Home Decor boutique  - The Pieces and a Cafe by Third Wave Coffee Roasters. Apart from this, TBH organizes regular community events, supporting a variety of arts, as well as gender based talks, parties and carnivals.

Featured Services


Coworking in a picturesque setting in the heart of Bangalore, surrounded by art, greenery and cultural heritage.


Regularly programmed events on weekends. From workshops, private parties, to talk shows, we host them all.

Home Decor

Our in-house home decor store - The Pieces, houses articles intricately hand made by traditional artists from across Asia.


The finest coffee and desserts in Bangalore, all under one roof. Third Wave Coffee Roaster's finest branch sits inside The Bohemian House.

The Founders

We created this space as a labour of love for the community of artists across the country who needed a space that let them express their true selves. From one artist to another, we understand what makers crave, and we built this space for you, as we would for ourselves.

Shalini & Shashi Prasad

A strong team keeps the community alive at The Bohemian House

Just some of the faces our community counts on everyday to give them a unique experience.